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Hall Pass Visitor Management protects students and school staff members from the risks of unwanted visitors or child predators gaining access to campus and other school events.

Hall Pass instantly compares school visitor identification data against our integrated, comprehensive database of sex offender registries for every state and the District of Columbia. When a known sex offender is detected, Hall Pass sends instantaneous alerts preventing access for these predators.

When entering a facility, each visitor must present a government issued ID to the front office. The ID is scanned using the HALL PASS optical scanner and the information is checked against the National Sex Offender Registry and the District’s Visitor Restricted list. If the visitor is found on either list, the system will display all detailed information related to the offender including photo and will instantly send out alerts via text message and email to appropriate staff and District Police Officers. If the visitor is cleared, HALL PASS will print a time/date badge with photo and custom school logo for the visitor to wear while on school grounds.

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use HallPass*

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* This is a partial list generated through our annual technology systems survey, internet searches, and other methods.

Also, districts constantly change enterprise systems in an never ending quest to find the 'best' of the best. So expect these results to change over time.

If your district currently uses this system but doesn't appear on this list, please let us know by updating your district's info on our annual systems survey:



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