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Digital signage made easy!  Airtame is a small hardware device (think Google's Chromecast device) that plugs into any monitor using an HDMI interface.  It can then be used to stream video from a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) to any of the connected monitors.  Removes the need to have wires to connect to video display units.

Airtame is a device for streaming content wirelessly. Plug it into the HDMI port on your TV or projector and share your screen from any device.

Mirror your screen from any computer
With full screen mirroring, you’re free to share your work from all major platforms. And those cables cluttering your table? Gone.

Stream slides from our mobile app. No sweat.
Airtame makes it easy to present on the go. Convert your slides to a PDF and access files online, then tap to present. Finally, a device that can keep up with your pace.

Display KPIs, custom images, or websites
Would you rather have a blank TV or a customized wallboard? Set a dashboard, website, slideshow, or custom image. You decide what’s displayed when you’re not streaming.

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use Airtame*

Desert Sands Unified

* This is a partial list generated through our annual technology systems survey, internet searches, and other methods.

Also, districts constantly change enterprise systems in an never ending quest to find the 'best' of the best. So expect these results to change over time.

If your district currently uses this system but doesn't appear on this list, please let us know by updating your district's info on our annual systems survey:

Company News
Airtame makes a screen sharing device for schools and businesses. We want to make it easy for people to share data and ideas without cables, so you can work without limits.

We’re passionate about wireless technology. Why? Because it’s a challenging terrain and we love a good challenge! Airtame started out as a record-­breaking crowdfunding campaign in 2014 during which we raised a total of $1.3M (yeah, it surprised us too). Since then, we’ve grown into a company with 50+ people and have shipped more than 55,000 devices. We are based in windy Copenhagen, but have an office in New York that take care of our U.S. customers. As for our customers, we’re proud to say we’ve helped everyone from schools and businesses to sports teams, artists, and even a 12th century old church.

What keeps driving us forward is that we want to create an easy­-to-­use product our users will love. To do that, we test our device constantly, talk one-­on-­one with our users, and think simple.



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