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The California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) is an annual data collection administered in October. CBEDS data are reported through an Online Reporting Application called CBEDS-ORA. The purpose of CBEDS is to collect data about schools and districts, as well as some aggregate data on students and staff. There are two separate forms used to collect these data. The County/District Information Form (CDIF) is used to collect data specific to districts and county offices on the number of classified staff and estimated number of teacher hires. The School Information Form (SIF) is used to collect data specific to schools on the number of classified staff, kindergarten program type, educational calendars, parental exception waivers, truancy, and School Improvement Grant information. Student aggregate counts (i.e., graduates, dropouts, and various enrollment data) previously collected on the SIF and certificated staff, course and assignment data previously collected on the Professional Assignment Information Form (PAIF) have been transitioned to the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS).

For additional information on CBEDS, please refer to the CBEDS Data Collection and Reporting Process Web page. Important Dates October 4, 2017: CBEDS Information Day October 31, 2017: CBEDS data are due to the California Department of Education (CDE) CBEDS-ORA The CBEDS-ORA is used to: Submit SIF and CDIF data to the CDE Update CBEDS coordinator contact information Provide coordinators with a list of schools that are expected to submit data.


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The California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) is an annual data collection process administered in October. This is a relatively minor data collection and a “leftover” from a federal reporting requirement that started way back in 1979. Originally the CBEDS program captured a lot more data than it does today, and many of its data collection responsibilities have shifted to CALPADS. As a result, the CBEDS annual data collection is now a relatively short process that does not require much time or effort to administer. It does, however, have a separate website and require its own username and password, so you must have a CBEDS account in order to access the system and upload your data. 

The data is captured using the CENSUS Day deadline (which is always the first Wednesday in October). This is also known as “ Information Day ”. The actual deadline for uploading data to the CBEDS system is October 31st of each year. We recommend that you compile some of the information prior to census day, and then finalize and upload the rest of the data between the census day and the October 31st deadline. 

CBEDS data is reported through an Online Reporting Application (website) called CBEDS-ORA. The data is collected on two different online forms, one for independently reporting charter schools and one for school districts. CBEDS collects data about schools and districts, as well as some aggregate data on students and staff. It asks schools to produce a list of their graduation unit requirements, the number of anticipated new teacher hires by subject area, ethnicity and gender data on paraprofessionals, and some additional smaller data elements. 

Each district and county office of education completes a form providing information about classified staff and estimated teacher hires. Each public school completes a form providing information about classified staff, kindergarten program types, educational calendars, and parental exception waivers from English-language classrooms. Additionally, charter schools reporting independently of their authorizing districts provide information on estimated teacher hires, and schools participating in the School Improvement Grant (SIG) provide information on increased learning time, school year minutes, advanced coursework/dual class enrollment, and student and teacher attendance rates. 


CBEDS usernames and passwords are sent to CBEDS coordinators, district superintendents and charter administrators in July. If you did not receive your username and password, contact or call 916-324-6738 for additional information about how to obtain an official account. 


  1. Bookmark the website and portal. 

  2. Print out the official documentation and add to your “data guide” binder. 

  3. Obtain your access account and verify that you can log in - DO THIS PRIOR TO OCTOBER! 

  4. Locate training opportunities via the official website. 


October 31st is the annual deadline. 


CBEDS data is sent to the Federal Department of Education and typically does not show up on public facing websites or portals like the Dashboard or DataQuest. 


When will the remainder of the information gathered through CBEDS be transitioned to CALPADS? 

It is unknown whether or not the additional data elements will in fact transition to CALPADS. 

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