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Smart Procure

Smart Procure

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Smart Procure is a data aggregator for public agency purchases.  Using a custom-built API system (as well as a 50 person strong FOIA request team), Smart Procure culls purchase data from all of the public school districts in the US, including all of the 800 school districts in California.  It aggregates all of this purchase order data into an online searchable database - basically a "Google search engine for Government Business".    This system could help districts (who can afford the $5K annual access fee) with making smarter purchases, identifying additional vendors, understanding what other districts have paid for merchandise and services over time (data goes back at least 9 years).

Searchable database of public agency purchase orders
Filters allow for screening of particular vendors or school districts
Simple, easy to use interface.

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.
Info coming soon!
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