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Q Ware Facilities Management


Product Details

Q Ware facility management software has served the K-12 community for over 12 years and is being utilized by more than 200 school districts nation wide. Our team understands the economic pressures and resource constraints that schools experience today and have developed a complete solution to help districts save time, money and resources. Districts can subscribe to the individual features their maintenance teams require so they never get more software than they need. The software is also customizable. This allows the Q Ware setup team to match it to a districts workflow. The work order system is flexible enough to be used for other service based teams such as IT or transportation at no additional cost. 

The facility event scheduling module is a location management system that allows organizations to manage events, reserve facility locations, and coordinate event preparation through automated work order creation. The module also includes booking conflict checking, a location availability comparison tool, calendar event color coding, and location blocking options. It's perfect for schools and municipalities that want to organize facility utilization.

  • Web-based facility event scheduling software (supports all web browsers)
  • Work orders can be created against an event (work order module required)
  • ​Event approval processes can be customized
  • The availability of multiple locations can be checked when requesting an event
  • Scheduling options include single events, recurring events, or events occurring on random dates
  • Event request forms can be customized
  • Multiple locations can be reserved for a single event
  • Events on calendars can be dragged and dropped to change their occurrence
  • Calendar category and status colors can be customized
  • Calendar views include monthly, weekly, daily, and agenda
  • Users can edit an entire recurring schedule or a single event within a schedule
  • Event schedules can be set to end on a specific date or after a number of occurrences
  • Creating events can be blocked for certain location or for certain dates
  • Conflict checking notifies users when a location has already been booked
  • Administrators can allow double booking of facility locations
  • Automated emails can be sent when event statuses are updated
  • Event categories can be customized
  • A default calendar can be set
  • Users can choose to make their calendars private or keep them public to all users
  • Unlimited event reports can be created
  • Reports can be printed or exported

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