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6 Characteristics of Effective Intervention Programs



A sense of professional and moral obligation, to do whatever it takes, to ensure that all students succeed.

  • Is there a pressing need?
  • Are the students with the greatest needs identified first?
  • Do we implement interventions as soon as student weaknesses are identified?
  •  Targeted


    Students receive highly effective interventions that meet their individual learning needs.

  • Based on data, which students are being selected to participate? 
  • Identify why they aren’t learning rather than what they aren’t learning?
  • Does the intervention provide differentiated and research based instruction?
  • Directive


    Students are not given an “option” to fail.  Attendance is mandatory.

  • Are students required to attend?
  • Are teachers taking attendance?
  • Is there a sign in sheet?
  • Has an explanation (e.g.  phone call, meeting held, etc.) been given to parents of why the intervention is necessary in order for their child to succeed?
  • Systematic


    All teachers, school wide, follow the same intervention process when a student needs more support.

  • How do we identify and provide support to all students who need this intervention?
  • How will we know whether or not the intervention is working?
  • What criteria will we use to move students in and out of the program?
  • Timely


    Respond promptly when students don’t learn and provide them additional time to master essential skills and content.

  • How quickly are we responding when students aren’t learning? 
  • How often are you evaluating the progress of the students?

    Administered by Professionals


    Highly trained professionals work with the students most at risk.

  • Who will teach and implement the intervention?
  • Who is the most qualified to teach that intervention (subject specific)?
  • Do our instructors have the training and resources necessary for success?
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