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SIS Resources

A PowerSchool software/consulting company run by Matt Freund

Visit it here: https://www.sisresources.com

SIS Resources has been online since 2007 and was one of the first web sites to have custom reports and pages for PowerSchool users to download, plus provide information on customizing PowerSchool and using SQL in PowerSchool.  It's currently the home to the latest version of the popular customization sqlReports, along with the largest collection of reports on the web for sqlReports.  Below is a breakdown of what you'll find on this site:

sqlReports - since 2009, PowerSchool users have been able to easily create interactive custom reports within PowerSchool by using SQL and a free customization called sqlReports.  sqlReports 4 is the latest version and with it you can design reports and charts on any table in PowerSchool and allow admins and teachers to run the reports while logged into either the admin or teacher portal.

Subscriptions - learn more about the site subscriptions for sqlReports, which give you access to over 100 reports and premium downloads, including enhanced versions of sqlReports.

Resources - the Articles area has information on how to use SQL and tips and tricks for using sqlReports.  The Misc Downloads area include sqlFormLetters Lite and the Standards Grades Search Tool.


And more goodies from Matt's site coming soon:

New stuff coming in September

Here's a list of things that should start appearing in September:

- sqlReports Hybrid - should be available on September 1.  This is a version of sqlReports that will give users the option to use the non-Flash output page.  For example, if there are some reports you've built for admins or teachers to run and they don't have the Flash plugin, they'll be able to run the report and have non-Flash buttons to use.  There's a checkbox on the Edit, Results Page to allow the use of non-Flash, so it's easy to use.  At the national PSUG conference in Vegas in July, I had a non-Flash version of sqlReports loaded on my test server I used in my sessions, and attendees were able to try it out and provide feedback.  I mainly just need to finish up the site subscription version and documentation.

- sqlReports 5 - this will be available later on in September or early October.  This is a version of sqlReports that will be non-Flash only on the output page.  So those who don't want to have flash buttons at all on the output part can use this instead of the Hybrid version. 

- new drop-down menus - I was looking at the new assignments tables for PT Pro and noticed a sectionsdcid field, so I'll be adding a couple drop-downs related to sections (one for the admin version, one for the teacher version) that pass the dcid into the report.  The current sections drop-downs pass the section id, but this will make it easier to take advantage of the new field.  I'll be going through the other new PS 10 tables and seeing if there are other new dcid fields that could use drop-downs.  The drop-downs will be added to the current version of sqlReports 4, as well as the Hybrid and 5 versions.

- new pricing for Full Site Year 1 and Reports Only subscriptions - the new pricing was already mentioned on sqlReports4.com in blog posts and has been linked to on the subscription pricing page on this site.  However, here's the new pricing struction in case you've missed it - https://www.sisresources.com/32-subscription/29-upcoming-sqlreports-subscription-pricing-change.  (Also, the Full Site Summer Sale for new subscribers ends at the end of August, so if you want to take advantage of it, be sure to request a quote before September 1.)

The following are planned for September as well, but may appear in October instead:

- an online sqlReports user guide - this will be a paid site subscription, but will be included as part of the sqlReports Full Site subscription.  However, others can purchase it as well.  It will go into a lot more detail on how to do things, with plenty of screenshots and videos.  Things that aren't covered in much detail in the pdf, such as field level security, will be covered extensively.  Part of it will be free for anyone, but most of will only be available to paid subscribers. 

- Matt's Guide to Customizing - this will be a paid site subscription and cover different parts of customizing PS.  I've had customization stuff online for the last 10 years - sometimes on sisresources.com and sometimes on other sites - and have always thought about writing a how-to book.  Instead of writing a book, especially since things change and new stuff is always coming along, I've decided to put everything online.  It'll feature things I've done in the past either online or at conferences, plus new things.  There will also be some customizations that will only be available to those who subscribe to it.

- SIS Resources Forums - this will be another subscription and will be forums on sqlReports, customizing, and sql in general.  Part of the forum area will be free, but most of will only be available to those with site subscriptions.  There may also be a pay option for those who don't have site subscriptions - I haven't decided yet.

Maybe down the road:

- a site subscription related to data mining.  Like customizations, I've had a lot of stuff online in the past about data mining, as well as handouts from sessions I've done on it at conferences.  It would mainly focus on non-sqlReports things, such as using Oracle SQL Developer, Excel pivot tables, Data Export Manager, etc. 



Sounds like great stuff Matt! Keep up the good work!