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This lesson will show you how to obtain the information needed to conduct a search in PowerSchool for a California student's SSID Number.

STEP 1: Identify students in PowerSchool who are missing their SSID #

Log in to the school's PowerSchool admin portal

STEP 2: Find the students who are still missing their SSID #'s

In the search box, enter "State_Studentnumber=". This will produce a list of any and all students who currently do not have an SSID # populated in the correct field in PowerSchool. If no student names are displayed, then all active students have an SSID #.

STEP 3: Select a student

Click on the name of one of the students. This will take you to the student's record.

STEP 4: Go to the State/Province-CA page using the blue navigation links in the left side navigation bar.

Note: Typically you need a few fields worth of information to locate a student's SSID #. These fields include the student's First, Middle, and Last Names, their Country, State, and City of birth, gender, date of birth, primary language spoken, and race/ethnicity. All of these fields can be found on the "STUDENT INFORMATION PAGE"

STEP 5: Go to the Student Information screen

STEP 6: On the "Student Information" page locate the required data needed to search for a student in CALPADS

The required fields are:

1. First Name
2. Middle Name
3. Last Name
4. Date of Birth
5. Gender
6. Primary/Home Language
7. Country of Birth


STEP 7: Enter the information you have obtained from PowerSchool into the CALPADS search fields

You can access this screen by going to "SSID ENROLLMENT" and choosing "STUDENT SEARCH"

STEP 8: CALPADS will display any valid results:

Clicking on the student's name brings up their complete information.

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