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Perpetrators in these situations are unpredictable and may create panic and chaos at the location. This makes it difficult to establish a specific plan of action. Therefore, you must be aware of certain guidelines when making your decisions.
If confronted,
Stall for time and create distance between you and the suspect.
Do not be aggressive or use aggressive body language.
Do not try to disarm an armed individual.
Remain calm and understanding. Listen intently to what the person has to say.
Take mental notes of what the suspect is wearing, weapons you see, what the suspect says.
Do not attempt to protect personal belongings.
Attempt to dial 911; leave the telephone off the hook if you cannot talk.
If it is not safe to exit your location and the threat is outside the area you are in:
Lock your doors and windows and turn off the lights.
Stay away from the suspect’s line of sight.
Place a message in the window or under the door to communicate.
Dial 911.
If possible, evacuate away from the suspect’s location:
Stay close to walls and avoid wide open areas.
If there is shooting, run in a zig zag pattern.
Seek safe shelter and dial 911 or notify an appropriate official of the incident as soon as possible.
If law enforcement is present, they will be armed and moving quickly:
Identify yourself.
Keep your hands visible and above your head.
Listen carefully to law enforcement instructions and follow them.