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During power outage,
Use public or cell phones to communicate.
Shut down computers.  (It is advisable to back up computer files at least weekly.)
Emergency lights are powered in specified areas for ninety minutes.
Flashlights are located in strategic areas and in the office of the Site Liaison.
Any electronic gates can be opened or closed manually by the use of hand cranks. Only people trained to do this should attempt it. Contact Facilities staff.
For suspected or actual utility break or water/gas leak,
Evacuate the immediate area.
Do not touch fallen wires.
Check circuit breakers, pilot lights and other potential sources of the problem.
Do not return to the area until instructed to do so.
Utility shutoff Information is posted at each site.
If you are the victim of a crime or you encounter a crime in progress,
DO NOT confront the suspect(s).
Take mental notes of what the suspect is wearing, weapons you see, what the suspect says.
Do not attempt to protect personal belongings.
If possible, retreat from the scene.
Attempt to dial 911; leave the telephone off the hook if you cannot talk.
If you suspect or witness a crime, vandalism or property damage,
Do not confront the perpetrator(s).
Do not disturb the scene.