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Although most bomb threats are hoaxes, all threats must be treated as if they are real. Whether in person or by telephone, remain calm and permit the person to talk without interruption. Ask questions:
Where is the bomb?
When is it going to go off?
What kind is it?
What does it look like?
What will cause it to go off?
What is the intended target?
Take actual or mental notes on everything said and your observations : time; description of person; voice characteristics, background noise (if a telephone threat)
For all bomb threats:
As soon as possible, dial 911.
Prohibit any radio frequency transmissions and use of cell phones, PDAs, etc.
Evacuate any suspected area and alert other staff.
Advise all individuals not to touch, move or disarm any object or item.
Advise all individuals not to change any equipment or electrical switches.
All action regarding disposal or handling of the bomb or device will be handled by the local police agency or fire department.
If you have a written threat:
Handle the note carefully and minimally – just enough to make a copy.
Protect the original note from further handling or loss.
Wait for further instructions from emergency personnel.


For an explosion,

Remain calm.

Immediately drop to the floor, close eyes, clasp both hands behind neck, and cover ears and head with forearms.


When the explosion(s) have stopped,

Keep everyone inside the location unless instructed to evacuate.

Close windows, shut off vents, turn off fans, seal gaps at windows and doorways.

Do not smoke, light matches or activate any electrical or equipment switches.

Avoid inhaling toxic fumes if possible.

Monitor individuals for any signs of injury and report as soon as possible to command or emergency personnel.


For hazardous materials or chemical spill,

Stay away from the hazard source. Do not touch or step in any of the material.

Do not eat or drink anything; it may be contaminated.

Isolate any individuals that may have become contaminated.

Monitor individuals for any signs of medical distress and report as soon as possible to command or emergency personnel.


If evacuation is indicated,

Proceed uphill, upstream or upwind of the material, fumes or smoke.

Designated personnel will take roll sheets with them and take roll in the assembly area.

Designated personnel will take the first aid kits and deliver them to the command group area.

Quickly assemble in an area away from the exit door and any emergency operations.

Do not return to the building unless instructed to do so.


Dial 911 as soon as possible and report the incident to and/or supervisor and one of the following individuals. Submit any requested documentation immediately.