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Stay calm and disperse the crowd, if necessary. Remain with the injured person to provide comfort and reassurance. If a criminal act has caused injuries, identify and detain witnesses. Secure the scene.

If the injury is serious or life threatening, dial 911 and be prepared to:

  • State the nature of the emergency.
  • State your name and a phone number at your location.
  • State the building address and room number or area of the building.
  • Remain on the phone until told to hang up.
  • Ask someone to meet emergency officials at the street.

If the injury is not serious or life threatening:

  • Locate a CPR or First Aid certified person to assist.
  • Administer first aid, if indicated.
  • Avoid handling bodily fluids or clothing stained by them.
  • If simple first aid is not enough, transport the person to the nearest medical center as listed at the back of these quick reference emergency procedures.
  • Request that Human Resources notify the person’s emergency contact of any decision to transport for medical care.