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NEW CALPADS errors/bugs for November 20th, 2019

A list of the new bugs . . .  :( 

Problem Number Classification Sub Classification Title Request Description Work-Around Priority
5233 Defect Fall 1 Certification Module Fall 1: Invalid fatal CERT138 error CERT 138 is triggered when the exit code is E140. n/a High
5232 Defect Reports & Extracts CERT142 - spelling errors on Certification Error Report Typos on 1.0 Certification Error report for CERT142. n/a Low
5231 Defect Reports & Extracts Fall 1: Snapshot Report 16.1 and 16.3 missing some students Some students who appear to be eligible are missing from 16.1 and 16.3 reports. n/a High
5230 Defect Reports & Extracts Fall 1 Certification page shows inflated error counts Fall 1 Certification Screen shows inflated Fatal and Warning counts. Fatal CERT140 is counted multiple times for same students. View 1.0 Error report High
5229 Defect CALPADS Cert Error 142 for Meeting Date after Census Day There are multiple students with this Cert Error 142 with SPED records with Meeting Dates after Census Day. n/a High
5228 Defect Reports & Extracts Fall 1: Snapshot reports 1.1/1.2 counting non eligible students as SWD Students who tested as not eligible for Special Education show up on the 1.2 profile with a "Y" for Students with Disabilities column. n/a High
5227 Defect CALPADS CERT144 not valid for student at NPS school with SPED record CERT144 triggering on students attending NPS school with matching SPED record overlapping enrollment. n/a High
5226 Defect Fall 1 Certification Module Fall 1: Warning Cert106 (Invalid "TBD"English Language Acquisition Status Code) triggers on students with TBD less than 90 days The CERT106 warning is triggering on students who have a TBD status start date less than 90 days before Census day. n/a Low
5225 Defect Fall 1 Certification Module Fall 1: Snapshot revisions delayed by days - stuck on CERT132 validation Snapshot revisions were taking over 48 hours to process. A temporary fix is in place. This problem ticket will be closed when the permanent fix is deployed. n/a Medium

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