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Discipline Downloadable Files Update from DataQuest

Dear DataQuest Users:

This message is to notify you about several discipline related downloadable research files and corresponding file structures that have just been updated for 201112, 201213, 201314, 201415, 201516, 201617 and 201718. These file updates can be found on the California Department of Education's (CDE's) Student and School Data Files page. The following statewide downloadable files and file structures are available:Note: The 2018-19 Suspension, Expulsion, and Chronic Absenteeism data will be released in conjunction with the California School Dashboard the week of December 9th. The CDE developed these updated suspension, expulsion, and Chronic Absenteeism downloadable research files based on data submitted by local educational agencies (LEAs) to the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). If you have any questions regarding DataQuest or these updated data files, please contact the Data Reporting Office by phone at 916-327-0219 or by e-mail at .
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