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2019 CERA 98th Annual Conference- November 18-20, 2019

The 2019 California Educational Research Association's 98th Annual Conference, will be held on November 18-20th in Sacramento, CA.

Presentations will focus on: 
  • Comprehensive descriptions and demonstrations of real-world "data in action";
  • Research on best practices for creating visual displays of data, as well as communicating results;
  • Innovative uses of data to determine and support children across ages and abilities;
  • Powerful tools and resources to develop our data visualization skills.

CERA members are also invited to submit presentation proposals. Consider sharing a presentation about the tools you are using to look at student data, the applications you are using to produce meaningful and understandable reports, or the steps you are taking to move from simply understanding your data to taking action and making real improvements for teachers and students. 

More details to follow in the next few weeks!
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