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Getting Ready: Changes Coming to AP in 2019-20

Getting Ready: Changes Coming to AP in 2019-20

Starting in 2019-20, all schools that offer AP will institute new annual processes and receive new AP resources that will help more students earn college credit.

A New Exam Ordering Timeline
Registration for AP Exams will now take place in the fall. Every AP student deserves the chance to earn college credit, and we've learned that when they're asked to commit early to taking an AP Exam, their chances of earning a score of 3 or higher on the exam increases.

AP teachers tell us that when students register early, they're more likely to stay engaged in their classes, tackle college-level content and skills, and develop an "all in" commitment to learning, and we've seen early commitment positively impact exam results. More students earned scores of 3 or higher when we asked them to commit early, especially students of color, low-income students, and female students in STEM courses.

Year-Round Resources
To support early commitment, AP teachers and students will receive new classroom resources: an AP question bank, unit guides, personal progress checks, and a performance dashboard. These resources will help AP teachers provide students with focused instruction and actionable feedback throughout the year.

AP coordinators will have access to tools that will help them manage their AP programs, including a new online exam registration and ordering system. And new exam-day resources like personalized student registration labels will greatly reduce time-consuming bubbling of student information.

Preparing Your School
Here are some steps you can start taking now and throughout the rest of this school year to help your AP teachers, students, and parents get ready for these changes:

  • Outreach: Share the new AP Exam ordering deadlines, policies, and fees. You can download detailed handouts from collegeboard.org/ap2019.

  • Training: Connect your AP teachers and coordinators with resources and training opportunities that will be available throughout the year, including videos, live online sessions and tutorials, and in-person workshops at the AP Summer Institutes and the AP Annual Conference.

We'll be providing additional updates throughout the year, so bookmark collegeboard.org/ap2019 to stay informed. 

E-Rate News Flash Issue 19-05, March 22, 2019


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