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SiteImprove Academy offers courses for accessibility education

Siteimprove Academy's role-specific courses offer accessibility education and training for every experience level and skill set. So, whether you're a manager looking for training for your entire team or an individual hoping to brush up on your skills, Siteimprove Academy has something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Siteimprove Academy

Q: What format are the courses in?

A: The courses include quizzes, interactive content, and videos that offer a fun and engaging learning experience.

Q: How many times can I access the courses within my package?

A: Siteimprove Academy Free gives you unlimited access to the Web Fundamentals learning track. Limited-time access to additional premium learning tracks is also included. Siteimprove customers have access to Academy Plus where they can access courses for an unlimited time.

Q: How long are each of the courses?

A: Each individual course within the course packages is estimated to take one hour, but it depends on the individual pace of the learner. It's also good to remember that the Siteimprove Academy
interface tracks your progress, so it's easy to do them little by little or whenever you have the time.

Q: Do I receive a certificate for completing the course?

A: Yes! You get a certificate for completing each course. Additionally, if you complete all the accessibility courses within Siteimprove Academy, you get a certificate that recognizes you as an"Accessibility Champion."

Q: My company has a subscription to the Siteimprove Intelligence

Platform. Are the courses included in the subscription?

A: Yes! All organizations with Siteimprove Intelligence Platform subscriptions have unlimited access to Siteimprove Academy courses and gain additional reporting and administrator capabilities. Simply log in to the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform and select the Help Center and Academy button at the top of the page to get started. Talk to your Customer Success Manager if you want more information!

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