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CK-12 offering Educator Certification this summer

Reap the Rewards, Get CK-12 Certified!

Summer break is the time to discover more about using CK-12 to boost your students' progress. Say hello to CK-12's Certified Educator Program! Our training program is back, with more sessions and flexibility to suit your every need. So don't wait, sign up now.


Improved student engagement and learning. Discover how to: use a variety of resources through Concept-Based Learning, replace textbooks with customizable FlexBooks®, help your students explore math and science concepts with interactives, assign Adaptive Practice to support students at various skill levels, and more.

Professional growth. Gain key skills, earn professional development hours and, if you complete two on demand and five live sessions with the associated tasks, become a CK-12 Certified Educator.

Flexibility and savings. This training, as with everything offered on www.ck12.org, is designed to be free and convenient—our range of live online sessions are held at multiple times and dates from July 9 to July 20.

—The CK-12 Team
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E-rate News Flash May 16, 2018 - Issue 18-05

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