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Registration now open for Fall 2 CALPADS training


Fall 2 training sessions are now open for registration. The schedule shows the majority of classes starting in January except for a few early ones in December. The early advanced class is intended for LEAs that have completed (or nearly completed) Fall 1 and need a refresher on the Fall 2 submission. Classes will be added as needed to accommodate the demand.

To obtain detailed information about class descriptions and the target audiences for each class offered, please see the FCMAT/CSIS Course Catalog at http://csis.fcmat.org/Pages/Course-Catalog.aspx. All of the training sessions will be held via Microsoft Lync Internet conferencing. The training material, along with instructions regarding how to access the Web conference, will be sent one day prior to each training date.

You may enroll in a training session via the FCMAT/CSIS Training Web site (see below). When you enroll, please be sure to note the training date on your calendar. Once you have enrolled in a training session, you will no longer see the “Enroll” button for that particular training session. (There will be a “Dis-enroll” button, should you no longer wish to be enrolled.) Please share this information with others in your agency where appropriate.


The following table depicts available Fall 2 courses for CALPADS 2015 and the recommended target audience for each:

How to Register for an Account on the FCMAT-CSIS Web site at http://csis.fcmat.org/Documents/Documentation/How-To-Register-For-A-FCMAT-CSIS-Website-Account.pdf.

Once you have an account, you can register for training sessions.

To register for the 2015 CALPADS training sessions, visit the FCMAT/CSIS training Web page at http://csis.fcmat.org/Pages/Trainings.aspx.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk by:

Submitting a service request ticket via the CALPADS Service Request form at http://www2.cde.ca.gov/calpadshelp/default.aspx


Training SessionsRecommended Target Audience
Fall 2 – Data Population All LEAs and HR or individuals who maintain Staff data
Fall 2 – Elementary Data Population All LEAs and HR or individuals who maintain Staff data
 Fall 2 – Reporting and Certification New staff and experienced staff needing a refresher
Fall 2 – Advanced Reporting and Certification Experienced staff who completed Fall 2 last year

You must have an account for the FCMAT/CSIS Web site in order to register for training.
The training registration process will require logging in to the FCMAT/CSIS Web site. If you do not have an account for the FCMAT/CSIS Web site, you will need to register for one: See the FCMAT/CSIS document entitled

Important Fields for the CELDT CALPADS Merge Proce...
CALPADS Course Codes have been updated

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