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PowerSchool End of Year Process - CALPADS Program
Hello Everyone, I am new to CALPADS and this is my first End of Year. We are o...
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Posted on Thursday, 11 July 2019
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  • PFT Reporting
    Greetings! I have a question for all the PFT Coordinators out there. I am ne...
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    Posted on Monday, 03 June 2019
    Armed Forces Family Program
    Hello, I was hoping someone could answer my question in regards to start and end...
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    Posted on Friday, 17 May 2019
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  • CALPADS Suggestions
    Hello CALPADIAN’s! Here’s an unofficial list of CALPADS functionality improveme...
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    Posted on Wednesday, 17 April 2019
    April Direct Certs
    Does anyone know if the Direct Certs for April are up? Thanks! Stacy...
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    Posted on Wednesday, 10 April 2019
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