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  4. Wednesday, 13 February 2019
CALPADS is rolling out new course numbers for all non-cte courses for the 2019-20 school year. Let's used this discussion thread to ask questions, provide info, etc, if you don't want to post it to the listserv.
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Here's some preliminary info about dates/locations for the training sessions. Thanks Maureen!

These were the dates (training to be given at County offices) we were given on January 28th. They said a CALPADS Flash would be coming out about it.
Santa Clara 3/1/19
Tulare 3/6/19
Fresno 3/7/19
Yolo 3/8/19
Lake 3/13/19
Alameda 3/18/19
San Joaquin 3/19/19
Stanislaus 3/21/19
Santa Cruz 3/27/19
San Diego 3/29/29
Sacramento 4/5/19
Los Angeles 4/22/19
Orange 4/23/19
Marin 4/25/19
Shasta 5/9/19
Monterey 5/15/19
San Bernardino 5/20/19
Riverside 5/21/19
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FYI - I know that LACOE is trying to get more sessions opened up for the LA County folks. More details as soon as I get them.
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