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  4. Friday, 17 May 2019
Hello, I was hoping someone could answer my question in regards to start and end dates for the students at my school who are considered to be members of the Armed Forces Family program. If they decide to register with our school again for the upcoming year, do I need to input an end date?
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This came up recently on the list serv. The guidance I found there I copied here:

A student’s program eligibility (i.e., the student has met the criteria to receive services) start date does not need to be within the student’s enrollment at a school. If a student’s actual eligibility start date cannot be determined because the determination was made from another LEA, the LEA should use the first day that the student attended the given school.

For students continuing in the same school from one year to the next and who are exited from the school with an E155 (YearEndEnrollmentExit):

If students are eligible for Gifted and Talented, Migrant, Special Education*, Homeless, 504 Accommodation Plan, or Armed Forces Family Member programs, the program can be left open (no program exit date required) because the use of the E155 indicates that the student is expected to return to the same school) and their eligibility continues until the student is found to be no longer eligible.

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