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  3. CALPADS Enhancement Requests
  4. Wednesday, 17 April 2019
Hello CALPADIAN’s! Here’s an unofficial list of CALPADS functionality improvement suggestions. Eventually, we’ll move to a Voting system where we can “up vote” and “down vote” each suggestion to gauge the need for each idea.


1 Update the official documentation to include reports 15.1, 15.2, 15.3

2 Maintain context(Language, Program, Enrollment etc) while moving from one SSID to another. .e.g when I look up a student through ‘Search for Student’ and look up enrollment; when I lookup the next student, I click on the ‘Search Student’ bread crumb and enter the next SSID, CALPADS should take me to the Enrollment page directly. It would help not to have to go through the 3-4 clicks and the extra time it takes to load those intermediate pages and then go back to the same ‘context’. This behavior is already present in our SIS so it would be a nice to have in CALPADS too.

3 Since we are dreaming ....... It would also be nice to be able to search for students within a specific area - When I need to do online maintenance checks/changes for a bunch of programs or Languages etc. it would be wonderful to be able to just keep pulling up the students in that area I'm working on vs having to go back to search for student, enter SSID, lookup, Click that it is the one, click Maintain Student Information, Then select Demographics/Address/Student English Language Acquisition/Student programs - or whatever your working on, then Add record/edit record.

Not only would it save us all from Carpal Tunnel ....but it would save a ton of time. When Calpads is slow every click can be an eternity of wasted time waiting for the next screen to come up only to have to click another selection and wait some more.

4 When requesting SSIDs, include both the student’s birth city and the primary guardians (just last name is fine).

5 Once you hit Validate Selected add a Disposition filter to see records that have errors or warnings without having to click Post.

If you are processing a lot of SSIDs (over 100) under Single or Multi Matches you cannot find these unless you click Post then hunt for the record(s) by opening each one. The other option is to Cancel post and again open each record to find the warning or error.

6 Okay here is one more for the wish list: Show the student's SELA status for their previous District.

With the increasing emphasis on ELPAC and the LST it would be nice to be able to fluidly check their status against what is currently in our SIS.
Otherwise the process is very cumbersome and interrupts the SSID process. You have to look up EL status in SIS. Then copy the SSID and look up the student in CALPADS. Navigate to the SELA page and check the SELA record. Navigate back to the SSID submission and then navigate back to the record you were working on.

This change, along with displaying the exit code, would help to eliminate errors and clean up down the line. Districts could catch CCEs more quickly (by seeing the previous exit code) and help their EL staff to correctly identify any gaps in language fluency data.

7 Search by Local ID. CALPADS knows which LEA the user belongs to. So the ability to search by Local ID within the scope of the LEA would be nice.

8 Facility to Email CCE/MID details to the registered LEA school contact through CALPADS directly instead of having to email them externally.

9 Add appropriate file extensions (e.g. .txt) to each downloaded file.

10 When viewing anomalies, it would be great to be able to choose to see the whole list at once instead of just 10 at a time.

11 When resolving a MID Not Reported, it does NOT indicate which SSID was kept, or which one was retired. It just says the records were combined.

12 I would like to see the home page sections default sorted to most recent on top (Important messages, extract status, submission status).

13 SSIDs -- go back to a horizontal row-by-row listing of the various matches displayed all at once. This current format is cumbersome and frustrating to scroll/click through the many “matches.”

14 CCE and ERD Resolution: When you open the record to view the anomaly, the contact information at the bottom of the screen should be the information for the “matching” SSID. Currently it lists our LEA’s information. I already know who the anomaly contacts are in my District. I have no MIDs at this time, so I do not know what displays.

15 The buttons under Enrollment, Demographics, etc. should be labeled as EDIT and not OPEN. I have Read-Only account holders complaining that they don’t have access to ‘see’ everything, so I have to explain that they can see everything on the list, the only reason to Open the record is to edit it.

16 When you go to Request SSID Extract the list sorts alphabetically, and does not list the most recent file first. Sorting alphabetically uses the job@ that it appends to the BEGINNING of the file name I gave it when requesting the file, so I have to scan the middle of the file name to try and find the one I want. You can’t search in the middle of the string either, so as the list gets longer and longer, there should at least be a way to sort it by date

17 On SSID extracts, CALPADS appends a job ID to the beginning of the file name I provide. In the ODS extracts, the job ID is appended to the end of the file name I provide, which is better

18 When accessing the snapshot reports via the certification summary tab, I wish the reports did not automatically load. When you click the report you have to wait (forever) for it to load the report with default settings, then you change your filter settings to what you want and have to wait again for your report to load.

19 Have an exclude all button in file upload.

20 Move the Address section to the bottom of student data list.
Move Student Language Acquisition to just below Demographics.
I don't think that Address data is as important as SELA data and it would save some scrolling.

21 On the SSID selection screen, show the local ID for my student so I can more easily find them in my SIS for research.

22 Add a “search for reports by keyword” feature so you can quickly find the reports that contain the information you need

23 For SSID requests, sort by match score in descending order (instead of by name) like it was in the “old” CALPADS. Or display match score in a column so you could sort by that column if you wish. Include Birth City and at least one primary guardian name when you click [Select]. This would save much time.

24 On the View Submission Details page when you check the Display individual Post/Exclude buttons for each record button, once checked please allow for multiple Excludes. If you want to exclude all schools it would be easier than having to repeat checking the box and then excluding each school one at a time.

25 The records in the Courses tab of Staff Detail should be sorted with most recent at top.
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Great list Chris. I am sure people have many more, will have to look over more closely and come up with some suggestions.
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